Beacon Art Project EOI
City of Mount Gambier
Creative submission by Studio John Fish
Authored 11th April
  1. Budget

Budget option A - $110,000 ex.GST

Please note all costs are based on estimations and not actual quotes. As a result the design is subject to change upon successful selection and actual quoting. These estimations are based on a working experience.

Budget option B - $180,000 ex.GST

With potential access to an additional $70k in funding, we'd plan to substantially enhance the artwork through two major upgrades: an increase in size and lighting.

The scale of the artwork could expand by approximately 15% to 20%, depending on quotes.

Moreover, the artwork would benefit from an advanced lighting upgrade. This would include custom-programmed, pixel-controllable LED lighting, introducing a highly expressive component that would significantly elevate the liveliness and enrich the viewing experience.

Cost breakdown available on request.